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Recruiting Services

A pioneer in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), JARKS IT developed some of the earliest and very best offshore recruiting teams more than 10 years ago. Today, we continue to expand and refine our processes in order to increase your recruiting productivity and performance.
Our skilled recruiting teams are made up of true experts. They are knowledgeable, skilled and highly experienced in supporting every stage of your recruiting life cycle. 
  • Recruitment Life Cycle Support
  • Active and Passive Talent Searches
  • Candidate Phone Screen and Scheduling
  • Recruiter Interview Scheduling

Our offshore recruiting services include:

Increasing your recruiting capabilities with JARKS IT is as efficient as it is smart. You add critical manpower, technical sourcing expertise and proprietary technology to your recruiting process without investing in full-time recruiters or new software. What else do you gain?
  • Greater Bandwidth – Serve more clients and more opportunities without sacrificing quality.
  • Higher Productivity – When JARKS IT recruiters share the workload, your internal recruiters accomplish more.
  • Higher Profitability – Improve margins by leveraging JARKS IT offshore recruiters for lower margin or standalone business and focus more internal team on high-profit opportunities.
Learn more about JARKS IT offshore recruiting services and request a consultation by contacting us today.